Thank you for agreeing to participate in this research which explores the potential for Chartered status for the career development sector. The research is sponsored by the Career Development Institute (CDI) and is part of a project to inform discussions about the future professionalisation of the careers workforce. The research is being conducted by researchers at the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby. This project builds on earlier research which took place in 2021 which was a scoping exercise to determine the processes, advantages and detractors for Chartered status. 

The language used in this survey is meant to be inclusive however it may not be possible to reflect everyone’s preferences for job titles or roles. We have set out our definitions in the project brief which can be found below: 

The term career development is used as an umbrella term which is used to describe the full range of interventions that support individuals to make and implement their career decisions. This includes career coaching or counselling, in-depth personal career guidance, curriculum interventions, information provision, advice, employability interventions, virtual or augmented reality relating to career guidance and development and career guidance undertaken using digital technology as a means of delivery.   

Career development practitioners are individuals who work in a range of settings where career development activities take place.

  • Career information and assessment expert  
  • Career adviser/counsellor /coach
  • Career educator  
  • Programme or service managers  
  • Social systems intervenor and developer  
  • Researcher  
  • Researcher developer

This includes any practitioners working in allied professional groups such as writers, employability advisers, careers advisers, careers coaches, careers counsellors, employability coaches, talent managers, and job coaches. It also includes those working as sole traders as well as those individuals working as employees of businesses offering career development services.   

Career coaching and consultancy may take place with individuals or groups in organisations or private practice. 

Personal career guidance is used to describe in-depth one to one support offered by qualified career guidance practitioners. In some settings this is referred to as careers coaching and career counselling. It could in some instances include mentoring.  

Careers education refers to educational interventions which take place in a variety of settings including educational establishments, community settings, and within companies.    

This survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete which includes reading the following article which we recommend to enable you to give an informed response. Please click on this here to read the article before proceeding. 

Your participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time without providing an explanation by exiting the survey. The survey is anonymous and whilst we are not using anyone's name we will refer to people’s job roles and their geographical location when reporting, it will therefore not be possible to withdraw any data which you have submitted.   

All the data we collect from you will be held safely and confidentially on secure servers that meet data protection rules. 

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